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In the Almagellerhütte there are up to 140 beds. The beds are located in different sized rooms on two floors and are all equipped with duvets. For hygienic reasons it is recommended to bring your own silk sleeping bag.


Common room

The hut has a spacious common room where we serve dinner and breakfast. So that everyone has a seat even in rush hours, the tables are allocated and reserved.


Entrance area

In the entrance area you can find slippers and baskets for stowing personal material. We don’t have a drying room.


Sanitary facilities

The hut is equipped with its own electricity and water supply. Tap water is drinkable and is taken from a spring above the hut. In the ground floor there are washrooms and toilets, separated for men and women. Showers are not available.



The terrace offers a variety of seating options. The unique backdrop with a view of 9 four-thousanders invites you to spend the day outdoors at the natural stone tables and the cosy wooden benches.



The pavilion is located around 50 meters from the hut and offers for groups of up to 32 people their own home. The entrance area of the pavilion can be used as a shelter in the winter. The Almagellerhütte has no winter room.