The following prizes are for Alpine Club Members. You are obliged to show your Membership Card.

Accommodation tax incl. half board (excl. visitor’s tax) CHF
Category A:

  • Members of SAC according to the ZV contribution regulations
  • Members of organisations with reciprocal rights
  • All serving members of the army, civil defence, border guards, police and rescue services
Category B:

  • Youth members of the SAC or reciprocating organizations (6 to 22 years old)
Category C:

  • All other hut visitors (from 18 years)
Category D:

  • Children and teenagers (from 6 – 17 years)
  • SAC tour leaders and leaders of the SAC youth (both in their role as leaders)
Children (up to 6 years) for free
Plus visitor’s tax
Adults from 16 years 2.-
Teenagers 6 – 16 years 1.-
Halfboard (dinner, breakfast, «marching» tea) 46.-

Means of payment

  • Cash in Swiss Franc (CHF)
  • Cash in Euro
  • Debit or Credit Card